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At opSolutions, our patient-centered approach is designed to determine the best orthotic or prosthetic device to meet your specific needs. Working to help you meet your mobility goals, we begin with an evaluation by one of our licensed orthotic and prosthetic professionals.


opSolutions is an orthotics and prosthetics company dedicated to quality, inclusive, patient-centered care. Our record of successful outcomes depends on our commitment to getting to know each patient as an individual, along with our continued partnership with outstanding physicians.


Our customized approach to each patient’s needs is the foundation of your care. All of our patients begin their journey with an experienced team. An evaluation with your orthotist or prosthetist is an ideal way to learn more about the device that is appropriate for you and one that provides the best possible outcome.


Our licensed and board- certified orthotist and prosthetists work directly with people of all ages and abilities in to order deliver individualized, comprehensive care and orthotic and prosthetic devices. We guarantee a 24 hour response time to all of our therapists partners, because your patients’ needs matter to us.


November 02

We accept preferred health insurance providers.